Outdoor aluminium shutters are an excellent way to improve the appearance of your home while also combining strength and flexibility with style. Our aluminium shutters with adjustable blades will provide privacy while also protecting your family from harmful UV rays, heat transfer, wind and rain. Each shutter is made to order from 100% architectural grade recyclable powder-coated aluminium and is available in a variety of colours and quality finishes. Our aluminium external shutters will not rust, rot, crack or deteriorate.  Here is why they are such a great addition for your home.


When closed, our outdoor aluminium shutters provide you, your family, and your household belongings with a high level of privacy. They outperform other types of window coverings, such as curtains or blinds, in terms of keeping prying eyes out. Aluminium shutters are effective because they block the entire view when closed, unlike curtains or blinds, which allow people to see through gaps.


In addition to giving privacy, our aluminium shutters provide an unparalleled level of security to your home. Due to their solid construction, they cannot be easily forced open like other types of window coverings, making them an excellent deterrent for would-be burglars and vandals. If you live in an area prone to crime or are simply looking for an extra level of security for your home, then aluminium shutters are the ideal solution.

Weather & UV protection

Our outdoor aluminium shutters not only provide privacy and security but also protect your home from the elements, which is especially important in Queensland. Our region is known for its harsh sun, and our shutters can provide significant UV protection, keeping your home cooler in the summer and preventing fading of your furniture and flooring. They are also extremely wind resistant, making them ideal for properties near the coast or subject to high winds.

Noise reduction

If you live in a busy area or near the main road, our aluminium shutters can also help to reduce noise levels in your home. Their solid construction helps to block out the external noise that is trying to get in, making your home a much more peaceful and relaxing place to be. So, if you have noisy neighbours or live in a built-up area, our shutters could be the perfect solution for you.

Energy efficiency

Our aluminium shutters will help you in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They reflect the sun’s rays away from your windows in the summer, preventing your home from overheating. In the winter, they work to insulate your windows, trapping heat inside and keeping you warm. As a result of their thermal properties, they will help to reduce your energy bills as you won’t be relying on your heating and cooling systems as much.

Brisbane Screens & Blinds has been manufacturing and installing quality home furnishings in the Greater Brisbane area for over 30 years. We believe it is crucial to provide a high-quality product backed up by excellent service and support. Take a look at our products, including our aluminium outdoor shutters and get in contact with our team if you have any questions.