Crimsafe security screens are one of the best investments you can make to protect your home from intruders and the elements. They not only offer superior protection, but they also look great and can be personalised to match any home décor. Let’s look at why Crimsafe security screens are the best option for safeguarding your home and family.

What Are Crimsafe Security Screens? 

Crimsafe security screens are stainless steel mesh panels that are installed over windows and doors in homes and businesses. The mesh is designed to keep out intruders, animals, bugs, dust and debris while still allowing air to pass through. The panels are made to order to fit any size window or door opening and are available in a variety of colours and styles to complement any décor.

Why choose Crimsafe Security Screens? 

Crimsafe’s one-of-a-kind and innovative technology has been independently tested and proven to outperform every industry and Australian Standard. This includes our exclusive Screw-Clamp system, which gives Crimsafe an unrivalled advantage in independent testing, consistently outperforming competitor products. Their stainless steel screens are nearly impossible to penetrate, even with tools like hammers and saws. The screens’ frames are also reinforced with extra-strength aluminium for added security against forced entry attempts. As a result, they are ideal for protecting your home from burglars and other intruders who may attempt to break into your home or business.

The design

Crimsafe Security Screens’ one-of-a-kind design is patented and meticulously crafted to provide maximum protection from intruders. The rigid stainless steel mesh also allows for maximum ventilation while keeping insects, dust, and debris out and its modern design adds an aesthetic appeal to any home or business. Crimsafe Security Screens are built to withstand anything – literally! They have been tested to withstand blunt force impacts such as hammers or crowbars, as well as extreme weather conditions such as hail or wind gusts of up to 250 km/h! You can be confident that this screen will keep you and your family safe from any potential threats.

The technology

Crimsafe Security Screens have a unique locking system that prevents even the most determined intruder from entering your property. It has a spring-loaded latch that requires a key to open or close. This means you can leave windows open without fear of intruders! There’s no better way to ensure complete protection than with Crimsafe security screens – their patented tensile-tuff mesh provides unparalleled strength against forced entry attempts while still allowing light in so you don’t have compromised visibility when inside your home or office building.

Types of security screens

Crimsafe Security Screens come in a range of types, including Crimsafe security doors and windows, as well as Crimsafe patio and sunroom enclosures. All of these security screens are designed to offer a strong protective barrier against intruders while still allowing natural light into your home or office.

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